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10 Top Cozy Balcony Ideas And Decor Tips

Balconies are great when it comes to versatility — some outdoor relief in our congested indoor lives. Balconies can turn into a functional area or a relaxing area depending on how you want to use it. There are no set rules to decorate a balcony and that’s the best part. You can get as creative as you want while decorating your balcony and add a personal touch when you renovate balconies. A cosy balcony set up is increasingly becoming popular. Here are some tips for you which you may find useful. 

#1 Bamboos and more

Use bamboo furniture to create a seating space. Add a swing and a small corner table to enjoy your morning and evening tea time. Decorate with some wall fixtures or even better, with plants and flowers. For added comfort, use throw blankets, cushions, and fabric accessories of different kinds. Light some scented candles to enjoy the ambiance. 

#2 Multiple uses

In order to maximize floor space in the balcony, use the walls to decorate the area. Vertical gardens are all the rage in this segment. An abundance of greenery created using zero floor space. DIY a vertical garden setup and stay in budget. Install wind chimes and dream catchers on the ceiling using hooks. Use flexible or multi-purpose furniture that serves more purpose than one. Compact furniture is the key here. Complete the look with some decorative items, scent diffusers and flowers. 


balcony decorating ideas India

#3 Your personal space

Balconies are significant spaces in apartments.  Open up the balcony entrance by installing floor to ceiling glass doors with frames. Decorate using different furniture pieces, and of course, plants and pots. Install a swing for a beautiful bohemian look. Hang up some decorative pieces and artwork. Make sure all that you place in a balcony does not get damaged in extreme heat or exposure to water.


balcony home decor ideas india

#4 Green zone

An incredible way of decorating with plants in a small balcony is by installing DIY vertical gardens and creepers. Direct the creeper plants using ropes in the desired direction. These ideas are good when you want to use minimum floor space and still add a great deal of style and statement to the area. Use slim plants that grow vertically and will not overwhelm the space. Be sure to add flowering plants for added color and vibrancy. It makes all the difference. Paint the walls a beautiful color of your choice and add some stickers if they suit your taste. 

balcony home decor ideas

#5 For a bigger look

Remove entrance pillars, if any, and replace with glass doors. This will expand the space like nothing else. Other options include, using minimum decoration and avoiding heavy art pieces. Add string lights on the ceiling for a starry and expansive look. Add shelves on the walls and decorate with small pots and plants. Use candles, warm lighting and fabrics to beautify the area. Floor cushions and rugs will warm up the space. The most important thing to keep in mind is using muted and neutral colors for everything. The palate must be of classic, non-patterned fabrics. Heavy prints will visually contract the space.


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#6 Small is beautiful 

In your balcony is small avoid heavy fabrics and heavy patterns while decorating it. Go for a minimalist approach. Use bright colors of yellow, orange and green in the items you select for your balcony. Paint the walls, a lovely color of your choice. This will complement the decor and add beauty to your balcony. You will really enjoy spending time in this cosy corner of your house.


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#7 Privacy first

Privacy can also come into play when you are planning to decorate your small open balcony. If you live in an apartment or close-knit community, total privacy may seem tough to achieve. But there are a variety of methods to help you wave goodbye to nosy neighbors and claim more personal space for balcony. Tall plants, climbing vines, and shrubs are great instant fixes. Weatherproof textiles and fabric hangings are great for closing off your space a bit and adding some much needed shade, too. 

#8 Color choice

Use some peel and stick tile stickers to renovate the look of your balcony. Go for beautiful color schemes and patterns to decorate balcony walls. There is a wide range of colors to decorate balconies big or small. It could be a classic black and white or an eclectic pink and orange. The canvas is yours to fill with colors of your choice. 

#9 Seating arrangement

Love having friends and family over? Give you balcony the host’s touch with plenty of seating. Go for L- shape seating arrangements to maximize space and use corners. The options are many. Add a table and hanging lights for a beautiful outdoor experience. Ideal for a chill dine in. In summer, you can throw a party for your friends in your balcony, of course keeping the space in mind, and enjoy music and drinks. Balcony decor should match with the occasion.

#10 Lost in thoughts

Balconies are the space where you can peacefully think about your future plan or past journey of life. Things that are must in balcony decoration are cosy chairs and a small table. You can change furniture according to your requirements. There are several budget friendly and useful items which can be added for vibrancy and warmth. You don’t need a bunch of decorative items for a beautiful look in your balcony. A simple chair and table set up with minimal plants and minimal lights. This combination is enough to create a lovely balcony!

These are some tips and ideas on balcony decoration. Keep visiting this space for more to come. 


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