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11 Beautiful Garden Decor Ideas For Indian Homes

Are you looking for inspiration for your own little garden? Smart ideas and a little planning can help you set up a beautiful garden. Here are some garden decorating ideas for Indian homes which will give you cues and motivation to decorate your garden.



You can start garden decoration by incorporating fun antique pieces from inside your house into your garden. Antiques are an outstanding garden decor item. This will give a unique look. Using metal pots, vintage bicycle, flower-filled green glass bottles, vintage lamp, vintage floral plates will take you back to the 1900s, making it elegant and distinctive from others. Vintage garden decor ideas have been a rising trend. You just need to place vintage articles in your garden along with some plants and viola!


A small waterfall in your garden is a luxury. But imagine the drama of it! The cascades will take your garden decor to the next level. Put stones underneath the waterfall so that you can hear the calming noises of the water as they crash on those stones. Another idea is to put a bunch of flowers and bushes alongside the edges of the pathway or the corners of the garden. You can choose any color of your choice — red, pink, purple so many options to choose from. Rainbow on earth? Sounds good!




If you're looking for a space to have tea, read books, evening chit-chats or an afternoon snooze in the sunshine you need a cosy corner in your garden. This will not only beautify the space but is also super functional. Rock chairs, reused Tyre-cum-stool, jute chairs, wooden chairs and table are recommended for the outdoor garden. Install a shed in the garden to protect outdoor furnishings and to safely enjoy the rain sitting under it. Put a glass table, some condiments and snacks to munch on and anything of your choice to sit and relax under the shelter in your garden. A hammock in your garden can bring about a big difference. It's very easy to install a hammock in your garden. It's not just a decorative item but a place to rest, admire and imagine.  Kids will particularly find it interesting. Use two strong branches of old trees on both sides or a hammock stand to install it safely.



If you're a keen birdwatcher, you must consider beautiful bird tables inside the garden. This will multiply the beauty and enhance the garden decoration. A tall bird table can be put into place anywhere. This will invite some wildlife to your garden while you enjoy your outdoor space. To add even more charm to your garden decor, hang wind chimes, listen to its music, the birds chirping, and the winds blowing while you're sipping on your coffee in your garden. 



Create a display of frames in the garden like you hang pictures indoors. Create a collage of pictures, choose a theme, throw colors add some finishing touches and there you have a gallery wall in the garden! It's super easy and looks awesome. You can create a gallery wall above a garden bench. Utilize junk, old wooden frames, tins, planters, pots. Finish off with throw rugs. Gallery walls can be created completely out of waste. A floral plate of no use? Now it is! Hang the floral plate on the gallery wall and create magic in the backyard. 



The possibilities of creating a pattern with stones are endless. Most houses have pathways to the front door, but not many are decorated with colors, stones, patterns and imagination. With some planning and efforts, we can create the garden of our dreams. With the smart use of stones and skills, you can create mandalas in your garden. You're the one to decide which shape or pattern you want according to your preference. A landscape with rocks is very popular with gardeners. You can create an actual rock garden or merely a structure by using gravel, rocks and other small stones. There are multiple uses of pebbles in the garden. They are useful for creating garden paths and removing the pesky weeds.



Ground torches and lanterns can be used to illuminate your flowerbeds and paths. You can also put rocks along with the corners of the path. This will look amazing when the night draws in. Fairy lights on the plants will also provide that extra amount of light and altogether that creates a pleasant ambiance and aura. Good lighting creates a good mood. Ground-level lights are used to create striking silhouettes of trees and other objects in the garden. The highlighted forms and structures in the garden are a treat to watch.



Does your family like coming over often? Living rooms are great but it often gets congested being in a room with so many people. The best and unique way of entertaining them can be your garden. An outdoor kitchen is like a cherry on top. Be it a barbecue station or a stove. Who wouldn't enjoy being outside and eating hot homemade food in the garden which you and your family cook together outdoors? 



It is a time-tested idea to throw a backyard party, arranged in a garden, and enjoy the warm weather and delicious food. For this, you need to decorate your garden to match the mood of the celebration. Bulb string lights are quite popular for such party decoration. Using DIY lanterns is an innovative and creative way of decorating gardens. You can either fit bulbs inside your lanterns or you could also use the real one. It's a perfect fit for an evening snacks party, for a get-together or a candlelight dinner in the garden. This just cannot go wrong. It's chic and classy and will uplift the garden decor. 



Anything can be a pot to a plant if you let loose your creativity. Ceramic pots are the most used, but you can replace them with buckets and empty bottles to give them a unique look. Don't worry this will not disturb the soil and the plant. A garden is like your display picture. Not everyone has the luxury of owning a garden if you're lucky enough to have one, decorate it, maintain it and utilize it.  When you find large flowerpots expensive, just turn an old wheelbarrow into a big flower container. Use pebbles and gravels to create a drainage layer and put a fertile flower potting mixture in the container for making a movable flowerpot.



Garden decor items aren’t necessarily expensive. DIYs help you save money and give a distinct look to your garden. Create a little private piece of paradise for yourself by decorating your garden with easily available decorative pieces. If you have old digging forks, spades and other work tools that are no longer in use, use them to decorate a section of your garden wall or garden door. Adding charm to your garden is so easy and there are so many options, as to what you can create and imagine. You can entirely decorate your garden on a low budget and not sacrifice a thing for the sake of cost-cutting. For example, you can use old ceramic dishes to embellish round concrete stepping stones. 



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