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13 special Rakhi Gift Ideas for Brothers and Sisters

Rakshabandhan is a very special occasion for brothers and sisters in India. To celebrate this festival of special bonding between siblings, you need an appropriate gift for your brother or sister. Here are some unique Rakhi gift ideas for you.

Though Rakshabandhan is special for both brothers and the sisters, it would not be wrong to say that sisters are the stars of the show. No brother would like to miss this opportunity to bestow his cute sister with a gift of her choice, besides reaffirming his resolve to protect her from any trouble. Here are some handpicked Rakhi gifts ideas for sisters.

Plants | Let the bond grow stronger

If you know that your sister is into gardening, don’t miss the chance to gift her some plants of her choice this Rakhi. She would love to keep your Rakshabandhan gift within her sight. Plants in colourful planters look great and you have plenty to choose from. While buying the plants just keep in mind where she would possibly place them — indoor or outdoor.  
Books | For a bookworm sister
You have seen your sister spending her time at a stationery shop, scouting for a notebook or a good pen. This Rakshabandhan gift her a pen and a notebook. This is a perfect Rakhi gift for a stationery-loving person. Not only notebook, in the stationery shop or even online, you would definitely find a lovely gift for your sister. If you know that your sister is searching for a particular book to read, gift her that book this Rakhi.
Coffee Mug | Keep it simple
Some gift items have always remained in vogue and a coffee mug is one of them. If you have not much idea of your sister’s choice, you can gift a beautiful coffee mug to her and she would never miss your presence while shipping her morning tea or coffee. You can also get it customized to her liking. 
Necklace | Beauty and the best
Necklaces and chains are among the best gift items for Rakhi. Just be sure that your sister is into accessories. You can pick from a range of necklaces available in the market — from pure gold, gold-plated, to artificial ones. No doubt, she would love your Rakshabandhan gift.
Chocolates | For your sweet sister
Your mere presence makes your sister happy. Just buy some chocolates, get them wrapped in a glossy paper and she would cherish the time spend together on Rakshabandhan. You can also consider buying some personalized box of chocolates. There are several online stores offering delicious chocolates.
Sports Shoes | Game changer
Your brother had recently told you that one day he would buy a particular shoe. This Rakshabandhan gift him his favourite shoe and he would definitely love to know that you care about his dreams. Rakhi is festival of bonding and your gift should have an emotional touch. If your brother is a cricket enthusiast, you can gift him his favourite bat. Electronic gadgets are also all-time favourite of boys. Surprise your brother with a trendy headphone or a smart watch. 
Surprise | Ticket to Goa 
This Rakshabandhan, as you and your brother sit together and celebrate the festival of siblings, a good idea, if it suits your budget, is to hand him over an envelope. As he opens it curiously, you simply watch the joy on his face when he finds a two-way ticket to his favourite travel destination, Goa. This Rakhi gift he would never forget in his life. 
Sunglasses | For his eyes only
A pair of sunglasses is something he would love to flaunt as a gift from his sister. Pick his favourite shade and make this Rakshabandhan special for him. There are several options when it comes to buying sunglasses and they are budget friendly too.
T-Shirt | For your stylish brother
A popular Rakhi gift idea is to give a T-shirt to your brother. It can be a formal, T-shirt, shorts or polo depending on the age and choice of your brother. Not only shirts, it can be ethnic wear, kurta-pajama or anything he likes to wear. 
Accessories | Latest gadget for him
There are plenty of Rakshabandhan gift ideas for brothers when it comes to accessories. Wallets, perfumes, sunglasses, smart watches, headphones — you can pick anything of your brother’s liking. Rakhi becomes all the more special when you give a perfect gift to your brother. 
Songs | Music to his ears 
When you know that your sibling is a music buff, nothing can be more apt than gifting him a collection of songs. You must keep in mind the genre he loves to listen, like metal, rock, soft or romantic. Give him a pen drive or DVD filled with songs of his choice. This will definitely strengthen the sibling bond.
Decorative items | Personal touch
Some Rakhi gift items have remained always popular and decorative mugs are one of them. A cool looking mug will surely cheer him up. Pick a quirky coffee mug for your coffee enthusiast brother and give him this Rakshabandhan. The mugs are easily available online and offline. You can also get them personalized.
Sweets | Tradition first
If you want to go by Rakhi tradition, the best thing to do is to gift your brother a box of chocolates. You can give some personal touch to the box and pack the box with his favourite chocolates. You can find plenty of chocolates boxes for Rakhi online. Just surf online and pick the best Rakshabandhan gift for your dear brother.  
A very Happy Rakshabandhan to you and your family! These are some of the Rakhi gifts ideas which you may find useful this Rakshabandhan. Keep visiting this space for more ideas. 
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