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19 Top House Name Plate Design Ideas

The choice of your car, your clothes or the colour you pick for your home tells a lot about you. So does the design of the name plate outside your home. An impressive name plate is both a necessity and a piece of decoration to build up the first impression of your guests. So, make sure your name plate design is appealing to your visitors. Here are some popular name plate ideas for you.

1) Hassle-free acrylic name plates

name plate designs

Acrylic name plates are hassle-free and they appear much like glass. Acrylic name plates look stylish at the same time graceful. The best part is apart from occasional cleaning, you don’t have to bother about maintenance. So, if you can’t spend much time on cleaning the name plate outside your house, go for an acrylic name plate. 

2) Time-tested brass name plates

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Brass is considered as the best material for making name plates. It is used for making different motifs but the letters made out of brass give an excellent result on name plates. For a great first impression at the entrance of your home, you can choose a brass name plate.

3) Colorful handcrafted name plates

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The tiles used in name plates are sometimes handcrafted to give a distinct look. And one of such handcrafted name plates deserves a spot outside your door. A colorful ceramic tile reflects freshness just like the arrival of spring. 

4) Elegant stainless steel name plates

Stainless steel name plates have an elegant seamless finish. Stainless steel is resistant to tarnishing and rust. If you want a name plate for outdoor, just go for stainless steel as it is capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions.

5) Computerized modern name plates

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These types of name plates are made with high-end computerized laser cutting technology for the perfect finish and shape. While making a modern name plate, the manufacture takes care that the plate should be water and termite resistant. Embossed letters look pretty as they are made from mirror shine acrylic sheets. 

6) Stylish glass name plates

People love to place glass name plates outside their homes as it simply showcases their class. No doubt, glass looks stylish wherever it is. You just have to take some extra care as the material is fragile. Glass name plates have always remain popular and they come in different hues. 

7) Evergreen wooden name plate

name plate designs 8

For house design and name plates wood is always a preferred choice as it has a majesty of its own. Wooden name plates look natural and you will get plenty of variations in texture and colour. Whether you make motifs on it or keep it simple with just font designs, it is going to look great on any name plate.

8) All-weather granite name plates

Granite name plates can withstand extreme weather conditions and last for decades. Besides, it is a classy and trending name plate design.  

9) Wonderful marble name plates

Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is the best example of marble inlay work. It is a traditional trademark that is not practised as much nowadays due to its defined work. If you love those, then you can go for a marble inlay name plate for your house.

10) Classy limestone name plates

If you want to give a rustic look to your house, you can choose a limestone name plate. Many apartments and flats are also using it for its classy look and durability.

11) Elegant LED name plates for home

LED name plates are very popular these days as they look very modern and give a wide range of choices. Such name plates are clearly visible to visitors when put on the front door. The elegant design on the name plate makes it a preferred better name plate idea.

12) Monogram - Personalized Alphabet 

Monogram — a personalized name plate — is a very stylish looking name plate. This will best suit when placed in the bedroom or on the bedroom doors. It is a very modern type of name plate that you can use for a housewarming celebration.

13) Personalized Backlit Name Plates for Home

name plate designs 9

Such name plates are personalized to give more information about the owner of the house. Detailed information is given to the visitors on a backlit LED name plate at the main gate. Your house name plate design will certainly be noticed by every visitor.

14) Glow in Dark House Name Plate 

Glow in the dark LED name plate is a modern type of name plate. If you find the traditional and the classic name plates not to your liking, you can go for LED name plates. They look absolutely stunning on any door.

15) Laser Cut Weather Proof House Name Plate 

Laser-cut LED name plate with light is the most beautiful LED name plate in the market. This name plate can be put near the front door which will look amazing. The LED lights designed on the name plate make it look very attractive to the eyes.

16) Creative Name Plate Design

creative name plate design

Just show how creative you are. Pick a wooden name plate and paint it, cut it or decorate it to showcase your talent. A normal name plate outside the house of any creative person doesn’t look appropriate. 

17) Family House Name Plate 

Be it an apartment door or a bungalow door, this name plate looks great on any of them. You can write names of family members or even a family picture to make is a unique name plate. They are quite in vogue these days.

18) Idol Name Plates Ideas for Home

Idol LED name plate is an attractive LED name plate for homes. In an apartment, this is the best LED name plate one can pick for the front door. You can also consider picking engraved door photo name plates. 

19) Personalized Home Name Plate 

name plate designs

A personalized name plate is a very thoughtful and heartfelt item. Personalized plaque wood steam beech can be a beautiful name plate for your home. You can have a personalized design on the name plate. Printed name plates look stunning as they are designed intricately on a wooden piece. You can pick one for your home. This beautiful piece of wood will add beauty to your home entrance.


A name plate is the first decorative piece we notice at anyone's house. We cannot ignore the importance of name plates. They are available in different hues, just pick one that suits you. Keep visiting this section for more ideas on home decor.

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