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5 Chic Monogram Home Decor Finds

In the world of personalized home decor products, monogrammed items are the numero uno choice.  Monogram home décor items are considered chic and are preferred by home décor aficionados who love a personalized touch to their home décor products — be it their towels or the artwork on the living room wall.  

1) Monogram Napkins

monogram napkin

There is a range of monogram home décor finds available online that would add a special effect to the decoration items in your home — from a simple pillow to elegant wall art. The classical way of décor is using monogrammed dinner napkins. Monogram is not just embroidery. You can start with a personalized pillow with hand-drawn letters, and expand your ideas to a beautiful monogram wall sticker. You will not fall short of décor ideas with monogram. Most of the things in your home have the potential to be monogrammed — you can hand-paint dishes in your home, place monogram mats in your rooms and give a distinct look to the throw on your couch

2) Monogram Letters

monogram letter

Start right from the entrance of your house by marking your home in monogrammed letters. This will certainly impress your guests.  If you love DIY, craft some letters in any shape, shade and size to be used as décor pieces on the bedroom walls. They are also good gift items. Your friends will love to hang the personalized DIY monogram in their living rooms. If you are a wine lover, an elegant decanter with your initials will surely make a statement. 

3) Baby’s Name

monogram baby name

If you are still undecided on what to put on your baby’s bedroom walls, just hang an art piece with your baby’s name or initials. Experts say that the baby feels more comfortable and takes care of his or her room if the room is personalized, and monograms play a big role here. You just have to display the kid’s name or initials as a décor item on one of the walls. The intertwined initials will add beauty to the room and at the same time make the room special for the kids. This can be an art piece with only the first letter, a combination of the first letter and the family name or the full name presented in an artistic way. As for material, wooden and metal are quite popular these days and is universal for both boys and girls. Just show your creativity in designs and colours. 

4) Monogram Wall Art

Monogram wall arts are timeless. It is not necessary to change the colour or decoration style too frequently. Monograms are popular in various forms. You can use them as stickers or posters. Even acrylic monograms have caught the fancy of homemakers. Some of the easiest ways of using monogram decoration are carving initials from a wood piece and painting them, painting letters on paper and pasting them on a wall, or simply using monogram stickers. Though there is no dearth of monogram designs, the chic idea is to add some features as adornments. You can add some pictures, decorate the letters with flowers, DIY pieces, fabrics, or anything which you think will add beauty to the letters. You have got plenty to choose from. You just have to pick some according to your liking and embellish your creation on the wall. 

5) Monogram DIY

Monogram decoration style gives wings to your creativity. It all depends on your skill level for the DIY. Some people love to do the entire decoration with DIY and some want to showcase their creativity in a small section of the monogrammed decoration. If you are a busy person, just buy the necessary letters and hang them on the living room wall. This is enough to make a statement on your style and taste. You can rest assured of one thing — monograms always remain in vogue and you will find many ways to use this style of decoration. Just make a simple letter — like the first letter of your name — your style statement. The letter — curved and polished — can be on Bermuda, your purse, your beanbag or nicely framed on your bedroom wall. There are plenty of scopes and you just have to pick the one which you think is the best. 

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