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8 Top Designing Ideas For Small And Modern Bathrooms

Are you looking for interesting ideas for bathroom wall decor? Here are some creative ideas for bathroom wall designing and decoration which you will find useful. 


bathroom decor ideas

There are a variety of ways to decorate a bathroom. Mix and match new tiles and bathroom accessories if you wish to invest in a complete renovation. Match the floor tiles to the wall tiles of your bathroom for a clean and sophisticated look. You can use gold- or copper-finish taps and knobs to give it a luxurious look or go for DIY bathroom décor for some personal touch. Before you start remodeling your bathroom space, the first step is to check expiry dates of all your bath products and throw away what you cannot use. 


beautiful bathroom deisgns

Use baskets on counter tops or marble trays to keep all your products in one place. Use bathroom curtains in linen blend to demarcate the shower space from rest of the area. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns to decorate your bathroom. Opt for muted and neutral colors for a timeless look or go for bright and vibrant colors to add life and sparkle in the bathroom decor. While planning bathroom décor, one thing is quite obvious that the bathroom needs to be clean and tidy. In modern bathroom designs, it is also important to keep in mind that apart from functionality, there must be provisions for things like mirror selfies and bubble bath. 


DIY bathroom designs

Another important aspect is bathroom upkeep. Keep a wiper handy and try to keep the bathroom floors dry throughout the day. Simply wipe the floors after a bath or a shower and it will make a big difference. Ventilate the bathroom and use candles or aroma diffusers for scents. Keep a small bonsai plant on the counter top. It requires minimum maintenance, and the plant loves moisture and a humid atmosphere. This adds a great deal of style to the bathroom. Keep bath products out of sight for a clean look. Install storage that conceals the items very well. This will reduce the visual noise and make everything look better. De-clutter the bathroom to maximize space and storage.  Keep the area tidy and organised to give the illusion of a larger space. Install big mirrors if you can.


Use organiser trays and baskets, roll your towels in a hotel fashion and keep it tidy and organised. Install a glass screen or bathroom curtain in the shower area. You can also buy a bathroom accessory set which includes a hand wash dispenser, and holders. They give a monochromatic look to the bathroom. Install warm white lights and add strip/profile led lights around the mirror but make sure it is at a safe distance from plug points and is in no contact with water. Avoid this otherwise. Surface lights are a good option to install on the ceiling without a false ceiling. Add a bonsai, candles and scents in the bathroom for giving a beautiful look to bathrooms.  Keep a laundry bag and a dustbin for added functionality. Even a cozy chair in the corner is not a bad idea. Just collect some bathroom décor ideas and turn your bathroom into a place where you can get spa-level relaxation at home. 


Regardless of bathroom size, you just need some simple décor upgrades to change the look of this essential section of every house. If you are looking for some high-end ideas for bathroom designs, change the tiles and make it something new and vibrant. Other option for small bathrooms that do not break the bank is to use vinyl stickers of different colors and patterns to lift up the bathroom look. Add a storage unit and keep towels, bath products and other items of your choice. This will maximize the space available.


unique bathroom deisgns


Luxury is how well you treat space and design and not always about how big a space you have. The first rule of luxury is keeping things timeless and classic — starting from the choice of colors and the use of space. Avoid anything flashy, too vibrant or overwhelming. Keep the bathroom clean, tidy, and organised. Weekly deep cleaning, daily floor wiping and keeping the bathroom ventilated, this will help you achieve a high-end look and feel. You can use candles and diffusers in mild and warm scents of vanilla, coconut. Avoid scents of lemon, orange, or anything too fruity or tropical. Warm scents are best suited for areas you want give a luxurious feel to. 



Clean, tidy, and organised that is all you must look out for to achieve a luxurious look for your bathroom. Add plants, scents and use concealed storage for an elegant look. Keep the towels rolled up, dry and preferably in white or beige color. This makes for a good bathroom décor idea and is functional in more ways than one — easy to grab one right after a shower. Rolled towels use less space in a storage compartment. Match your hand towels with them and choose a white or beige for that as well. You can use bold tiles, graphic wallpapers or go for a completely new cabinet to achieve the next level in bathroom decoration.


For bathroom wall décor, wall paneling is a good idea. Don’t worry about maintenance as many wall panelling types are immune to rust, liquid, fungus, and dust mites. Wall paneling is a long-lasting wall décor idea and will certainly spruce up the bathroom wall décor. It would be nice if you go for a theme-based bathroom wall décor. If may plan a beach-themed bathroom and use seashells and craft stones for decoration. Don’t forget to paint the bathroom wall with the color matching the theme. For wall décor you can use a wind chime or a picture frame. 


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There are so many ideas to decorate bathroom walls. I have tried to present before you some of the popular ones. Keep visiting this place for more interesting tips. 


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