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9 Best Ideas For Your Home's Entrance

Home entrance is considered an important section of your home as unlike bedroom or living room decorations, home entrance décor is seen by almost all your visitors. If overlooked, the visitors might miss your grand taste for home decoration.  This is the zone where you welcome your guests and this is the biggest reason to give your home entrance a good look. The idea is to go beyond the welcome mat at the entryway and add some features to keep the entrance organized and at the same time beautiful, as it is rightly said that ‘first impression is the last impression’.  Here are some of the home entrance decoration tips to make your guests comfortable, beginning right from the entrance of your home.


The most important thing is to keep the entryway de-cluttered. Everything should be in place. Home entrance is the landing spot for your guests, so keep it spick and span and well organized.  If you get mails frequently, a mailbox at the entrance is a must. A couple of hooks at the home entrance should also be part of the design as you would like to hang keys, backpacks and other such items while leaving or entering the house. A shoebox is also a must. Nobody wants to be welcomed at the home entrance with shoes scattered all over.


As you enter the house, a seating place at the entrance is also required. After all, you need to remove your shoes while sitting comfortably. This is not a good idea to ask someone to pull up a chair for you so that you can break in your shoes. Even a stool can serve the purpose. This will also help as you go through the mails at the entrance itself. For a more organized look, go for a bench with boxes for storage.


If there is not much space at the entrance, you can utilize the wall space and can even hang a chandelier to give an impressive welcome to your guests. This is a statement of your style of living. You can even go for the all-time favourite of hanging a collage of pictures in frames on walls. Just as your guests move on, they can have a glimpse of the mementos you have earned with your hard work, or the souvenirs which you want your guests to see.


If you are living in a home where there is no clear demarcation between the foyer area and rest of the home, it’s important to clearly define them with a distinct home entrance decoration. Here, use of different colours is the trick. Besides the furniture at the entrance, a bold and unique colour will clearly tell the visitors from where the rest of your house begins. A locker at the entrance will be helpful for the visitors to keep their stuff. You can define the entrance area with carpets or rugs. Just keep in mind that the rugs should be suitable for outdoor use.


Home entrances are narrow in some homes and need proper lighting arrangements. Here, I would suggest using properly placed mirrors to add some brightness into the entryway. Angle the mirrors in such a way that the home entrance is properly lighted. It not only brings light but also makes the entryway appear larger. If the main door has windows, your job becomes easier. Just open the window and let light and air enliven the entryway. You can use decorative items which have mirror pieces for more brightness. 


Home entrance décor is not just about decoration. The aim is also to make the guests comfortable right from the entrance. The right approach is to decorate entryway with your favourite décor items and keep the design useful for the guests too. Your guest should not struggle to find a place to keep his or her coats and shoes. You can add other features like essential oils and tea-candles to your home entrance décor and keep some space reserved for the guests for keeping phones, chargers, packets and other items being carried by them.


If you are among the lucky ones who have closets at the entrance of the home, you just need to make a list of items you need while leaving or entering the house. You need to maximize the space owned. Put your shoes, coats, umbrellas and other essential things in fixed boxes to save time. If the space is not lighted properly, you can use string lights or battery operated touch lights.


To take home entrance décor to the next level, you can have a functional cabinet system at the entrance. The dimensions are important as the furniture should not become a hurdle in the movement at the entrance. Keep them sleek to maximize the space. Go for readymade cabinets if you don’t want to invest too much. Drawers and shelves should be designed according to the hallway.  You can go for wicker baskets to store shoes, bags and keys. A well-decorated and scented entrance wins many hearts. It’s important to have functional items at the home entrance, but it’s equally important to extend a warm welcome at the entrance. Your guests will never forget those moments. To refresh your pleasant memories, you can keep a corner near the home entrance reserved to showcase your travel memories.


A seating area near the entryway is necessary to put on or take off shoes. Sometimes, you don’t have enough space for proper seating arrangement. In such situations, you can go for benches at the entrance as they occupy small space and serve the purpose. If the space permits, you can use a vintage armchair for added comfort. Even a stylish stool will do. For decoration, you can design a welcome wall with paintings, photos and mirrors.

These are some home entrance décor ideas which, I think, are useful for every home. Keep visiting this space for more to come.

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