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9 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Metal Wall Decor

Metal gives us a wide range of options to decorate our bedrooms with exceptional works of art. To decorate your bedrooms with metal wall décor, you can use metal items made of zinc, copper, aluminium, or hardened steel. Metal wall decoration for bedrooms can be completed in a simple and easy way and you will have plenty of choices too. In case you've been considering how to brighten your bedrooms with metal wall decor, here are some bedroom wall design ideas to kick off your plan. 

1. Keep it simple 

Metal Wall Decor item

Beautiful rooms are intended to be calming, agreeable regions and the best tones to achieve that are a delicate use of bedroom metal wall arts. For shading, you can use unbiased tones like white and cream or a pastel range like purple and blue. One of the most ideal approaches to give your bedroom tranquil and warm energy is to zero in on a simple metal wall decor.  You can decorate one of the bedroom walls with metal artwork that lights up and at the same time sends a message. I would suggest no to overdo while decorating bedroom walls with metal. Keep the wall décor simple and neutral for the best results. ‘Love’ ‘Welcome’ and ‘Home’ are commonly used metal art décor for bedroom walls. 

2. Metal print as wall decor

Metal Wall Decor item 2


A metal print is a wall décor piece that has a perfect and modern look. Metal prints are imprinted on aluminium, with a white base coat that will make any tone imprinted on the metal print more clear and attractive. These pieces look beautiful on bedroom walls. These head-turning metal prints can showcase your best photos in colorful hues. Custom metal prints are durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof, making them the perfect piece to be hung anywhere. 

3. Photos on metal piece

photos on metal piece


Photos printed on a metal piece will give a modern touch to your bedroom walls and they do not require frames. You can choose from a wide range of layouts, backgrounds, and custom texts to make your metal wall art piece one of a kind. Mounting these metal photo prints on bedroom walls is very simple. Going for a metallic photograph is a particularly enchanting option for bedroom walls.  Metallic photograph outlines are flexible to keep your memory pictures together in shining metal frames. 

4. Metal Wall Grid

metal wall grid


Wire grids can easily be used to decorate and spruce up any bedroom wall in your home. There are several unique metal items and you just need some bedroom wall design ideas to finish bedroom wall decoration in style. Pick some metal grids and use them to hang decorative pieces on your bedroom walls.  If you have the budget on your mind, just upgrade to a cheap wire form. Since the framework additionally goes about as a rack, these are incredible space savers. Bunch two or three metal wall grids together and make a display for photos and updates. This will elevate the look of your bedroom walls. 

5. Metal Wall Lights 

metal wall lights

You might think metal home accents had their prime thirty years ago, but the fact is they are once again in trend. Metal wall lights in bedrooms bring a hint of charm to indoor lighting. Metals décor items, particularly made of copper, are in vogue and widely used as bedroom metal wall art as the light reflecting off their surfaces gives the bedroom a splendid sparkle. Metal wall décor pieces come in different shapes and sizes and if you mix and match metal wall décor items, the result will definitely impress the visitor.

6. Metallic Sculptures for Walls 

metal wall sclupture

If you are starting afresh, first of all, investigate the wall you want to decorate with metallic sculptures. Next, you have to decide the height at which you want to hang the metallic sculptures. It is a good idea to hang them at the sightline — neither too high nor too low. For best results, the center of the wall art should be around 5 feet from the ground. 

7. Metallic world map

Metal Wall Decor item

A world map as a metal style is another incredible choice. The scholars will cherish this thought just as the fanatics of voyaging. From the outset, it might appear to be that it's simply an abstract metal wall decor, however, upon looking at it in a detailed manner, you will see that it's a world guide, made of metal sticks. Such a wall art design is best suitable for modern bedroom wall design. But it also looks beautiful in contemporary bedroom designs. Special care should be taken in the kids’ bedroom. If two kids have been sharing a bedroom, you can easily display their initials above their beds. This will give the much needed personal touch to their bedroom.

8. Metal alphabet and more

Metal Wall Decor item for bedroom

Feature metal alphabets on your bedroom walls as style signs. You can add to the welcoming walls of your bedroom to memorize any positive phrase. You can choose your initials, some quote you find relatable, or anything of your choice. Make it inspirational or make it quirky, it's entirely up to you. Galvanized metal letters look more attractive and modern when they radiate and sparkle in the light. You can even pin them together with photos or other artwork for added beauty on bedroom walls. Metal wall art are durable and can be easily customized. It’s not difficult to create a unique bedroom wall decor by using large metal alphabet letters or initials. 

9. Versatile and durable

Metal Wall Decor durable items

Bedroom walls with no work of art or hangings look exhausting and dull. Metalwork of art on bedroom walls expresses your creativity and mirrors your character and style. Bedroom metal wall art can be your favorite quote, an organization tool, or any piece of abstract art that you find beautiful. You just have to pick any versatile and durable material that will last longer and is easy to maintain. 

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