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Top 10 Mandir Design Ideas For Indian Pooja Room

Temples or mandirs have been India’s most prized possession. A pooja room has been an integral part of most homes. A home temple is your own little worship place. If you're looking for inspiration for your pooja room decorations, you're at the right place. Here I've narrowed down some popular and unique home mandir design ideas.


If you are planning to create a separate pooja room in your home, keep the temple room door design different from that of other doors. The traditional way of keeping the temple room doors wooden — with carvings and bells — is still in vogue. Partitions are good way to keep the pooja area serene and peaceful when you have limited space in your home. A wooden or glass partition, or even a fence can beautify the mandir. There are several design ideas for a mandir door. The most popular is a wooden frame door with glass for a traditional yet modern look. 


You can enclose the pooja room with a glass wall so that you can get a glimpse of the pooja area when closed. Rice lights along the corners of the temple room will give it a mesmerizing effect. You can install a marble wall and hang pictures of gods on it. Or a marble shelf will do the same work. Place the God idols on it and put lights around the edges of the marble shelf. 

A textured wall behind your mandir is pretty popular nowadays. A geometric design wall behind the mandir gives it an ethnic and modern look. Putting warm white rice lights behind the wall will give it a glowing effect. The place will look more inviting and beautiful. Mandala wall decor in the temple room is also quite popular these days in India, and even outside India. A colorful curtain in front of the mandir divides the area between the mandir and your space and also looks stunning. The colorful curtains bring happy and peaceful vibes into your home. A printed curtain with some geometrical designs or floral will uplift the look of the temple and the surroundings. 

Orange, red, yellow and colors of similar ilk signify peace and stability. These colors are the best for your home mandir walls. The colors should not be dark and uninviting. Traditional prints on the temple walls will, even more, beautify your pooja room, giving it a distinct and unique look. Play with patterns and colors which are meaningful. While planning a perfect temple in your home, go for any light color shade. Light yellow or orange is a preferred choice in India while designing a temple in home. This keeps the temple space peaceful yet bright.

You can decorate the temple doorway with torans or put garlands of marigolds across the entrance. If fact, flowers, petals, diyas, bells, brass lamps, pictures of gods are the main things by which you give that serene and special effect to your pooja room. You can add metal lanterns in your pooja room decoration or hang bells inside and outside the mandir room. You can simply put the other items around the mandir so that the pooja room doesn't look so bland. You can consider other decorative pieces according to your mandir theme or decor. 

Some people aren't so religious but have few idols to keep. The best way is to put the idols on the display in a TV unit or a cabinet. A modern display unit made of metals or a glass cabinet for keeping some idols of the god or some pictures for prayer is advised so that you can see the idols from outside. 

Wooden home temples have always been in demand. This even existed a hundred years ago. Wooden carvings give a traditional touch to your home temple. There is something so catchy about the wooden works. It's simple and amazing. Not all families have the luxury of owning a pooja room, some need to adjust and modify. When you don't have enough separate space for your mandir, you can consider buying a small cabinet that also serves the purpose of a mandir. A cabinet with a glass door and a wooden frame is a staple in most Indian homes. They are easy to carry around and can also be put anywhere in the house. 

This is the ultimate and most unique style of mandir that nobody in your block will ever have. This is out-of-the-box and breath-taking mandir décor idea. You can modify your walk-in closet into a 180° mandir. You look around your left you see god, you look around your right you see god. Heaven for religious people. A semicircle mandir for your home is magnificent. 

If you don't want to spend a lot on decorating your home mandir, we have something for you too! Put fairy lights inside or outside your mandir and it's ready. It's the most common way of decorating your mandir at homes. You can put the gift wrapping papers or chart papers on the back wall of the mandir so that it brings some newness to your mandir. You can periodically change the papers according to your preferences anytime. This also keeps the mandir neat and clean. Proper lightnings create a suitable positive setting.

You can hang your metal urli in the air, make sure it's long enough for you to reach. You can decorate it by putting water and flowers in it. Hang two urlis next to each other to give a more symmetrical look. These are easily available in the market and online stores. This is affordable and looks stunning. A mandir is a place to worship and to find yourself. This place should be neat and peaceful. It should be kept in the direction according to vaastu. When the environment is clean, decorated and silent, you focus more and love the aura.
These are some mandir design ideas for the perfect Indian pooja room which you may find useful. Keep visiting this space for more to come.

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