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Top 11 Metal Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Rooms

Are you tired of the same old living room decor? Well, if you’re looking for some unique wall designs for your living room, we have exactly what you're looking for. As metal wall decoration is in trend these days, we present before you some of the latest wall designs for the living room which you might find useful. 


metal wall art

An abstract metal wall art will take your living room decor from boring to brilliant. This has been one of the most commonly used decorative pieces used by designers. Its extensive use in the interior and designing industry itself suggests that it's quite in demand and trendy. This gives a modern touch to your living room decor. Being rustic and artistic, such wall metal decoration is eye pleasing and gets the attention of visitors. Besides, metal wall art has amazing longevity.


3d metal art

Step up your living room wall decoration game by incorporating wire art sculptures. You can go for butterflies or a wire sculpture of a human figure hanging from the top. You can also mount the figure on the living room's wall. Wire art sculptures are fresh and unique and give your living room an incredible look. It has been in high demand lately due to its distinctive look and 3D effect.  It's a must buy for the art enthusiasts.


Flower metal art

Your living room wall decoration isn't complete without a touch of nature. The decor should be inviting and calming, and metal flower art could take your living room decor from the bottom to the top. For a more enhanced and dramatic look, you can put LED lights on the inner circumference. This will make the flower art eye-catchy. Metal flower pieces are quite common to find these days, which suggests that these have been in great demand for their elegant and remarkable look. 


Wire art

This is something unique and out of the box and will surely take your living room wall decor to the next level. A metal wire sculpture of a deer could be the best pick. This will bring your dull walls to life. It's trendy and classy and will definitely catch the attention of the visitors and this just cannot go unnoticed. Most of the 3D metal wall art sculptures are plasma cut, hand painted and assembled by metal craft artists. Metal pieces are cut, bent, curved and layered to create the 3D impact. They are precious décor items not only for living room walls, but for outdoor settings too.  


meta art decor

A fish wall art is rare and something extraordinary. This will give a marine touch to your living room.  It is unique and elegant. For a little more razzle dazzle, you can mount the fishes on a waterfall wall. Bringing nature inside your house sounds like a good deal. You can even pick metal fish wall art crafted from recycled industrial goods. Some are hand-cut wildlife designs made with mallet and chisel on a recycled steel oil drum.


metal bird art

You will find a million types of metal bird wall art. And this is one of the most popular wall designs for living room. By placing metal birds on living room walls, you would feel like coming closer to nature. This wall art is easily available and one should definitely get their hands on it. For giving a unique touch to wall décor, you can pick a recycled metal bird wall decor piece which fits into any style of decor. 


metal art pictures

You can create an abstract art with metal plates by symmetrically putting them or arranging them in a pattern. The possibilities of creating an art out of metal plates in your living room are endless. This could be exactly what you've been wanting for your living room decor. This will give a rustic look and will uplift the look of your room. One advantage of metal wall art is you will find many gaps, hooks, and openings in the design which will help you in putting pins, nails, or screws to hang them at a place of your choice.


Metal branches of leaf are some of the most widely used decors. This gives an elegant look to your living room and brings charm to your living room decoration. This design is quite popular amongst nature lovers and enthusiasts. This will make the wall look simple and sober yet giving it a magnificent look. 


The metal rings will give a modern touch to your living room. Concentrically place the rings or make abstract art out of them, both will give an amazing look. You can put lights behind the surfaces of the rings to create drama. This will make the wall art pop and will give an eye-pleasing view to your guests and family. You can instantly turn your living room walls from bland to stunning with the least effort. 


If you’re not looking for something which is too chaotic and if you're a minimalist, this is the best pick for you. If you're not willing to make your walls look overloaded with decor, you should place a sun wall art. This will bring life to the living room walls. For a more fantastic look, you can cut out mirrors in the shape of a sun. This will also make the living room look more spacious and enticing. 


Animal lovers should definitely get their hands on this. You can place two peacocks side by side in a fashionable manner or just one in the middle to get an amazing view. This has also been in trend these days. This will beautify your living room space and will make it look even more attractive.


There are several advantages of metal wall décor. Metal decorative pieces are hardy, durable, and you can easily move them and hang them wherever you want. So, if your aim is to go for easy, minimalist and less fragile wall decoration for your living room walls, metal is the best options.

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